5 Components of a Healthy Lifestyle

Fitness & health is not just about bicep curls or hitting the treadmill. It is so much more! Where are you the strongest? Where are your areas of opportunity? Let’s find a balance to help us live a healthy lifestyle!


After many years of research and studies, I think we all know the relationship between physical activity and the overall quality of life. Evidence shows that physical activity is related to a lower risk of premature development of many health problems. Through physical activity, we can improve our lifestyle by preventing or delaying development of health problems.

I’ve been studying fitness for well over 10 years and have found that fitness and health requires a balance in five key areas. Sure you may be naturally flexible but what about strength? That may require some work! Or what if you were born with the tendency to build muscle and strength but lack flexibility? Flexibility may need some extra work.

After training numerous clients and students, I’ve compiled a list of what I view as the important base components of health & fitness. Of course we could elaborate on each component but let’s stick with the basics for the sake of the beginner, which is my specialty.

I’ve included links & encourage you to research a little more into each component.

Cardiovascular Endurance –  The ability of the heart, lungs, blood vessels to deliver an adequate supply of oxygen to exercising muscles. Cardiovascular exercise utilizes the heart, lungs, and large muscle groups, such as running or walking. Anything to get the heart going at a higher rate for a period of time.

Muscular Strength & Endurance– Muscular strength and endurance improves when a resistance is placed against particular muscles or groups of muscles, as in weight training.

          Muscular Strength: the maximum amount of force a muscle or muscle group can develop during a single contraction. This would be your weighted workout such as bicep curls with weights.

          Muscular Endurance: the number of repeated contractions a muscle or muscle group can perform against a resistance without fatiguing. An example of this would be holding a plank and a several unweighted squats in a row.


Flexibility– The ability to move a joint through its full range of motion; the elasticity for the muscle. Referred to as the “range of motion” of a joint (e.g. knee or shoulder). Flexibility improves with activities such as stretching or yoga.

Nutrition– Food provides your body with the nutrients it needs to remain healthy & active. The six major nutrients that are necessary for a healthy body are : carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and water. A deficiency in any one of these nutrients could hinder you from reaching your fitness goals.

Postive Mindset– I love the YMCA and consider myself a “Y’ person. I had my first job in fitness there 18 years ago. (WOW I’m getting up there!) I believe they have the right philosophy with their triangle of “Mind, Body and Spirit.” It is all connected and without one, you are kind of off balance, right? To realize your full potential in any area of life, it is necessary to focus on your overall happiness with life and the healthy lifestyle choices that you make everyday.  Limit your stress and take the positive approach. Find outlets for stress and incorporate ways to let the goodness pour in. I understand you may not be able to control what is going on around you but you can control how you react to it.

Now I want you to think about which areas are you crushing? Which areas could use some improvement? I can tell you that I’ve always been somewhat awesome with muscular endurance & I’ll chalk that up to my gymnastics experience. -Get it? Chalk/Gymnastics?? Though, I do need to drink more water, nutrition has always been one of my favorite subjects. I think it is safe to say that area is okay.

Unfortunately, my mindset has not been the greatest and I do lack on physical strength. Give me a baby and I will hold them for hours or have me use my body I will squat, lunge, plank forever. But give me a heavy weight and ….yeah , well. Good thing I have my strong hubby who dominates in strength.


Here is the important thing to remember, none of these are perfected overnight. It takes time, patience and dedication but you can do it! I will tell you a few ways I have worked on my mindset, which is SO much better then where it was 5 years ago. For one thing, improving my relationship with God has helped me leave things up to Him and have Him guide me to do what He wants of me. Oh heck yeah, it is hard and I do not always listen but it’s a process.

Other tools that helped was therapy & coaching. I believe everyone could benefit from therapy and/or coaching of some sort. Therapy is not for crazy people -though some people swear I may be a little crazy. I think talking with a coach or a therapist shows that you are STRONG! Besides, a good therapist or coach will give you the tools you need to cope with whatever your issue(s) may be, so you no longer need them. And that is the same thing with a personal trainer, or at least this one. My goal is to give people the tools they need to live a healthier lifestyle thus they no longer “need” me!

Now that I have shared a little about my strengths, weaknesses and steps I’m taking or have taken to improve my lifestyle, I would love to hear from you! Do you want to live a healthier lifestyle? Then tell me, which areas of fitness are you a rockstar? Which areas could use a little help?

Keep fit & keep moving!






7 Intention Filled Actions for a Better You!

Many start their New Year’s Resolutions January 1st, or somewhere around there. Let’s face it, the Holidays are incredibly busy leaving me not much time to figure out real solid goals & intentions for the New Year. Instead of quickly compiling a list of goals or resolutions right at the start of the New Year, I decided to take a Yoga Group’s Instagram Challenge.

Many start their New Year’s Resolutions January 1st, or somewhere around there. Let’s face it, the Holidays are incredibly busy leaving me not much time to figure out real solid goals & intentions for the New Year. Instead of quickly compiling a list of goals or resolutions right at the start of the New Year,  I decided to take a Yoga Group’s Instagram Challenge.

This seven day Challenge gave me a chance to really focus on what, where , how and why I’d like to improve. After this seven day Challenge and much reflection, thought and prayer, I’ve come up with my 7 Intention Filled Actions For A Better Me. 



For the next year, I will work on Acro Yoga with my sweet minis, Summer, Autumn, Ryan & Skylar. Spending time, capturing moments and moving more! Maybe even get my husband in on it. Oh yes of course this includes pinchas, handstands and other funky things. 


One of the many benefits of Yoga is it’s a great antidote for muscle imbalances and misalignment. My knowledge goal is to learn more of which poses aid in healing & incorporate more of these basic yoga poses to myself, students & clients.


10326526_1101241993220328_434665821_n(1)Maintaining healthy relationships is incredibly important to me but I may not always be great at it. As stress arises, I tend to runaway or lash out at the ones who mean so much to me. The pictures represent each part of my life. 1st- I’m a Catholic Christian & God has to be at the center for me. If He’s not….well everything kind of goes down the drain. Without Him, I’m nothing. Our relationship hasn’t been the greatest the last 2 months, I’m not going to lie . Totally my fault….. but that is changing. Next my kids, my husband, my sisters (I have 3) & family/extended family- including my girls’ step mom, half brothers & father. Finally, my students & clients & of course the Move More Fitness family.


I’ve decided to change my diet up this year. Instead of my normal Protein/Superfood Shake, I’m trying something different. Same idea, just different products & ingredients. After 6 years of being on the same product, my body needs a change. I will omit as much wheat from my diet as I can. Please note, I’m not claiming it is bad for a person and believe me I had my fair share. Growing up Italian we lived on bread & pasta. I’m finding that my body just doesn’t like it like it used to. Oh….I will be eating carbs, don’t get me wrong. My point is , listen to your body. It will talk! I will also continue to take my Wheatgrass shots , as I fully believe it is the cure all! Seriously. Get a shot! 

Bad Habits:

There are several bad habits I’d like to break. The biggest is negative thinking. Find those triggers and nip them in the bud. If thoughts start to come into my head say “Bu-Bye”.


I’d like to be more mindful of recognizing others good deeds and make an extra effort to show appreciation. Especially to my Husband and family.

Reflections & Blessings:

I have had many bumps, turns, detours in my life and I know it’s not over. I thank God He has never left my side even though I may have put Him on the back burner. The same with my family. They have never ever left my side and what a beautiful blessing to have such an amazing family who’d do anything for me and my children . Reflecting back….I have not taken full advantage of my blessings. I mean that’s the idea, God blesses us and wants us to share His gifts. I want to make sure I do everything -parenting, business, teaching, training, social media, and whatever else is thrown my way- the way He intends me to do them. It will be very hard and I may not adhere to everything but I’m ready and willing.



Ponder these areas one day at a time and create your own 7 Intention Filled Actions for a better you. Please feel free to share! I believe if we state our intentions to one another, we will most likely follow through with most, if not all!  


I wish you all a healthy and happy New Year. I hope this gets you thinking of changing just one small thing in your lifestyle to be a tad healthier, happier & nicer. 

-Adrienne Vose

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