Fitness & Wellness

Welcome to my fitness corner! 

 I like to work out & enjoy motivating others to “MOVE IT.”  Without exercise, people are inhibited from achieving and maintaining their health goals. I also believe in variety when it comes to fitness. Therefore, I preach and practice, always keeping the body guessing and moving.

I’ve come to understand that there is no such thing as a diet- it’s a lifestyle change. The truth is, it is a journey that does not happen overnight.  No one can take responsibility for my weight gain or loss except me. Yes, you have the power -it lies within yourself. Not a trainer or a magic pill- it’s up to you!

I encourage you to take the necessary steps of creating that healthy lifestyle by moving more, eating healthy and stressing less!

Work with Me!

To try and reach even more people with the secret recipe to a healthy lifestyle -Move More, Eat Healthy & Stress Less- I’ve created a unique online fitness community full of people who MOVE! Through our programs, challenges, content & professional team, Move More Fitness is ready to help everyone. It is our number one priority to help you succeed on your journey. So keep moving; no Excuses!

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