It’s An Adrienne Thing!

Adrienne Bengivenga-Vose realized how much people’s experiences have helped her through difficult times. So, inspired by the Holy Spirit, she decided it was time to share many of her thoughts and experiences in hopes of helping just one person. 

Adrienne is a dedicated pro-life Catholic-Christian, momma of 6, Fitness Professional, closet singer, wanna-be barista, and child of God. She has struggled with many things in life – some of which were self-inflicted.

Though lately she has been led to primarily spread God’s Word & Mercy, Adrienne has something to say about EVERYTHING. From Life’s Lessons and Mommy Drama to Fitness and Wellness- you’ll hear about it! 

Work with Adrienne 

Adrienne is the creator of the Sh8pe programs & founder of Move More Fitness. She’s always eager to assist people on their healthy lifestyle journey and encourages others to KEEP MOVING! Her motto is -mistakes burn calories.

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