A Tribute to my Mother


My mother, Janice , I love you & I’m thankful God gave me you as “mom.”
Growing up, I thought you were a little crazy at times but I’ve always been proud to have you by my side. Even though I had to share you with three younger sisters, daddy, work and countless organizations you’ve graciously volunteered, I could ALWAYS rely on you.
I remember when I was about 12 and you told us you were pregnant with # 4. I thought, and maybe even said, “gross,  you’re too old” & “I will never have that many kids”. After the initial shock, I admired you for raising four girls all without a mother physically here helping out! I could not see our family any other way. I’m secretly proud I’ll soon be following in your footsteps & then some!

Did you know that one of the best gifts you have given me are my sisters? All three are my best friends and all three are the best Aunts to my children.
With God’s hand, you gave me life, love, my sisters, several tangible gifts, the desire to give & encourage others, creativity, love of cleaning, the faith to keep moving, a shoulder to cry on and more. Yet I ask, “What have I  done for you mother”?
I tell myself, if I had the money I’d buy you so much to repay you. I know you like your purses & clothes but that’s not what you’d really want or expect. Sure, it would be nice right? After all these years of being your kid, I’d like to say I know the greatest gifts for you but please correct me if I’m wrong.


This tribute is one of them. An affirmation of my love for you, appreciation for you as a mother & grandmother, the confirmation that your work as a mom has paid off & finally my respect & love towards myself, you and others. In addition, you will get your flowers soon as well. I also know how much you appreciate them. 🙂
Mother, thank you for everything and Happy Mother’s Day.


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