Life Comes With a Latte

A Tribute to my Mother

My mother, Janice , I love you & I’m thankful God gave me you as “mom.”

Growing up, I thought you were a little crazy at times but I’ve always been proud to have you by my side. Even though I had to share you with three younger sisters, daddy, work and countless organizations you graciously volunteered, I could ALWAYS rely on you.

I remember when I was about 12 and you told us you were pregnant with # 4. I thought, and maybe even said, “gross,  you’re too old” & “I will never have that many kids”. After the initial shock, I did (& still do) admire you for raising four girls. I could not see our family any other way.  All three sisters are my best friends and all three are the best Aunts to my children.

I have to say that I’m quite proud to follow in your footsteps with four girls (and then some) of my own. The only difference is you raised all of us without your mother physically here on earth. I’m forever thankful and grateful to the Lord that you have been able to take part in most of our precious and vital moments.

How amazing that you were present for almost all of your grandchildren’s births? If not at the birth, you arrived shortly after ready to do what Nonna’s do best! Remember when your first grandchild- my first child- was born? You were 3,000 miles away but quickly took the first flight out to assist me with the awkward transition- you know the one where you go from being a “mommy-to be-to a MOM. I honestly wasn’t sure what to do with her.  I stayed up all night long holding her and she just stared at me. Then Nonna came to the rescue during a literal firestorm! (San Diego Wildfires of 2003) I was reminded to have faith, keep moving and that it is alright to take a rest.  I’m not sure if I ever told you how much I appreciated your assistance during that time -and every other time.

I will also never forget the love and respect your showed for your heavenly grandson, Tyler. Even though he was so tiny, you never once considered him to be less than human. I am forever grateful for you during that tragic time. I may even envy you a bit for holding him- something I chose not to do but regret now.


With God’s hand, you gave me life, love, my sisters, several tangible gifts, the desire to give & encourage others, creativity, love of cleaning, the faith to keep moving, a shoulder to cry on and more. Yet I ask, “What have I  done for you mother”?

I tell myself, if I had the money I’d buy you so much to repay you. I know you like your purses & clothes but that’s not what you’d really want or expect. Sure, it would be nice right? After all these years of being your kid, I’d like to say I know the greatest gifts for you. Please correct me if I’m wrong when I say that this tribute is one of them.

An affirmation of my love, respect and appreciation for you as a mother & grandmother and the confirmation that your work as a mom has paid off.


Mother, thank you for everything and Happy Mother’s Day!

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