Spread Too Thin: When enough is enough.

What I’m realizing is what was once my passion is no longer my passion. It is a job just getting me some sort of income. I no longer have a desire to do it and it is an actual pain rather than enjoyment. I see that side of my career struggling and quite frankly, I do not really care. If this is the case, how could I be the best at it?

Were you ever so passionate about something that you would do anything for it? Whether it be a hobby or a job,  I’m sure everyone has felt that way at one point or another.

I’ve always had a passion for exercise and had the desire to motivate others to move & make healthier choices.  I was not a certified Personal Trainer but I really did have a good sense of the body and how it physically functions.  I had always been into gymnastics or recreational exercise. I’ve even coached gymnastics for years, including competitive team. I even studied to receive my fitness and nutrition diploma through an online school. This was just for fun and was not required for anything  I was doing at the time. During those years, I felt a push to be a trainer, especially after receiving my diploma  but I chose retail instead.


Working in retail for years and moving up the ladder taught me many things. Those things I will forever take with me wherever or whichever path I choose. I will tell you this- and yes a little rant- I absolutely love GAP Brand. But having a quota for credit card applications was not fun. Especially when you were the person driving those to persuade others into signing up. I mean, it is their credit?? Really? I get it and believed in the card myself, but not everyone feels that way. Besides, there is way too much fraud out there. I decided I no longer wanted to be responsible for the credit cards and other issues that I will not go into right now. I made the decision to quit and pursue my fitness passion.

For about a year, I studied my tail off. I wrote numerous essays and completed case studies. Prior to taking the official exam, I applied at a gym as a fitness attendant. I wanted to become acclimated to the environment and  get my “foot in the door.”

I took the examination, I passed with flying colors and moved over to the training department. I loved it and loved helping others. My focus as a trainer was to make fitness fun and safe for everyone.

After training for awhile, I discovered a different environment, Group Fitness. I became certified in this and used my trainer skills while in class. I even created a program called Get in Sh8pe, which incorporated the best of both worlds, Personal Training and Group Fitness. It was specifically designed  for women who were afraid of the gym, intimidated by classes and fitness buffs and those who needed a jump start or restart.

In 2013, I discovered Social Media. This was a great way to connect with those who have similar ideas of fitness & Health as me. Thus began a little social media community called  Move More Fitness. The Move More Fitness name was initially my side business & training name but that soon changed after this community was established.

I was on a roll with clients, classes and the In Shape in 8. I even took on in home clients and eventually transitioned to just in home clients rather than gym clients. In Shape in 8 also became an instructor program for fitness professionals and our family was , and still is, growing!

Too many things are on my plate and I am being spread thin. I know I’m not alone and many have this problem. Sometimes we need to stop and ask “Is this what I want?” I  finally have asked myself, what does Adrienne want to do? Where can I be helpful & dedicated to others without taking away from my family and my own healthy lifestyle?

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What I’m realizing is what was once my passion is no longer my passion. It is a job just getting me some sort of income. I no longer have a desire to do it and it is an actual pain rather than enjoyment.  I see that side of my career struggling and quite frankly, I do not really care. If this is the case, how could I be the best at it?

I’ve decided that I am no longer going to do one on one training. I want to focus on my family, educating myself and creating quality programs for group classes. I also would like to make the most out of the awesome programs and fitness organizations which were created to inspire, educate and motivate others.

There, I said it. Wow, I feel so much better! Yes my income will be down, a lot, but I have Faith. God will provide if I listen. I’m listening….I think! 🙂

Sometimes we have to admit when enough is enough and let go of the things that may have held our passion at one point but no longer has a place in our life.




We’re having a……

We’ve found out the gender of baby #6 & want to share the news with everyone.

Sometimes I can’t believe I have six children! So far, God has blessed me with three girls and two boys.
I have 4 living Summer (12), Autumn (6), Ryan (3) & Skylar (10 months) and one Angel Baby Boy, Tyler. Though he is not here physically, I know he is with us. Nothing separates the body of Christ, therefore, he still counts. 🙂

Recently, we discovered number six’s gender and want to share this news with you.


But first, I do want to be clear that this pregnancy was the only pregnancy not planned. Read the story here.
From day one I’d refer to this little one as, “he”. After all I have 3 girls and 2 step daughters, so it has to be a boy, no matter which signs and symptoms were prevalent. I’d ask the other children what they thought “it” was and their initial answer was sister. However, I prepped them all for a baby brother.
We went in for the ultrasound and the tech asked us if we want to know the gender. Of course, we said yes but I requested that we were giving a chance to guess the gender from looking at the “parts”. I’ve done this in the past and had the experience.
From the moment I saw this baby’s anatomy, I thought “boy”.
We finally got to his parts and I saw the “boys”. She asked me what I thought and I shouted, “Boy”! But she did not confirm my answer. I’m thinking, “Um, lady what the heck? I have to be right so could you please just confirm.” Boy, was I wrong! Those “boys” were really “girls” but at different angle. I was shocked. Completely & utterly shocked.
After, measuring and checking the baby’s anatomy, the tech then showed us her actual face in 3D. Once I saw her face, I knew she is momma’s girl #4.
Have a name suggestion? We are definitely open to hearing them. I’m all out!


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